Criminal and Relevant History Screening Policy and Directive

22 January 2019

Statewide Clinical Support Services (SCSS) recently issued a directive to all SCSS staff regarding their Criminal and Relevant History Screening.

The directive announced that staff would be required to hold a current National Police Certification Vulnerable (NPCV) instead of the certification currently provided by DHS, beyond the expiry of their current certificate. Staff would need to initiate and pay for the NPCV themselves, then submit for reimbursement.

Members quickly pointed out to the PSA that to follow the directive:

  • they would initially be out of pocket
  • they would need to process an additional form in order to be reimbursed
  • managers would be required to perform the additional tasks of:
    •    reviewing the application for reimbursement
    •    verifying correct completion of the application
    •    endorsing or rejecting the application, despite not having sufficient time to complete all of their current expected daily tasks.

The PSA wrote to SCSS claiming the lack of appropriate consultation and requesting the status quo remain until proper processes were followed and staff given the opportunity to respond to the proposal.

SCSS subsequently met with the PSA and agreed to:

  • adhere to the status quo remaining
  • confirm cancellation of the directive with another SCSS-wide email broadcast
  • request SA Health develop a coordinated approach to NPCV applications so that a processing third-party agent (e.g. SAPOL) invoices directly to SA Health on an agency-wide basis.

The PSA has not sighted the retraction email yet, however this information is being shared to clarify the situation for members quickly and allay any fears that members might have.

In practical terms, this means that SCSS staff can continue with the current process of DHS provided clearances until further notice.