COVID-19 Update for Staff in 31 Flinders Street and Regional Offices

31 March 2020

The Public Service Association (PSA) and the Australian Education Union (AEU) have been meeting regularly by telephone with the Department for Education (DE) to discuss the protection of members during the time of COVID -19.
A large amount of the discussion has been about the impact on schools and school based staff, including our SSO members. The PSA has also raised concerns that staff who work at 31 Flinders Street and other non-school sites also need to be considered.
The aim of the PSA at this time is to keep you safe and protect your jobs.
The Department has assured us that as many people who can work at home will be encouraged to do so. The PSA is aware that IT staff are working hard to make this possible and allow for fewer staff in the office and therefore enforce social distancing. Social distancing is crucial and we encourage members to follow the health guidelines if you are at work.
Those members who are more vulnerable to the virus due to their health should be allowed to work from home as a priority.
The leave entitlements for staff are the same for all public sector workers. This information can be found on the website of the Office of the Commissioner for the Public Sector here. The PSA encourages members to visit and keep up to date with developments through the DE intranet.
It is important to note that if you can work at home you should not be required to use annual leave. If you are sick or caring for others, you can use sick and carer’s leave and if you are away from work due to circumstances caused by COVID-19, you have access to special leave with pay on top of your current leave entitlements.
If your experience does not match these commitments or if your job is at risk, or you have any questions or issues please contact your PSA Organiser by email or phone the PSA Members' Rights Hotline on 8205 3227.