Country Health SA | Detailed Design Proposal Released | We Need Your Feedback

03 April 2019

Country Health SA has now commenced a formal consultation process about how Country Health will be structured with the introduction of six Local Health Networks. As members would know, this has implications for staff in the central functions of Country Health but also for staff working at the local level.

We urge members to read and comment on the proposal – Establishment of Regional Local Health Networks: Detailed Design Proposal.

The feedback from the previous consultation on the high-level design proposal has played a key role in informing the detailed design - Themed Feedback and Proposed Revision Summary.

Some key elements of the new proposal

  •  The central function of Country Health will be named Rural Support Service and have more of a policy, support and advisory function. It would be based in Barossa LHN
  •  A number of central staff to be allocated to Country LHNs
  •  There will be no requirement for staff to move location
  •  All Country LHN management structures to be the same
  •  An Aboriginal Health Function to be established both at the Central and LHN levels
  •  A Mental Health Function to be established both at the central and local LHN levels
  •  Separate HR and Operations functions to be established at the LHN level

We are still exploring the implications of the proposal for the management of mental health and whether there are any job losses in this proposal. We will continue to keep members informed.

We need your feedback
Members’ feedback can be sent to PSA via email by midday on Wednesday 10 April 2019. This feedback will be collated confidentially as part of the PSA submission.

Members may may also wish to provide feedback through the Country Health Hub confidential survey by 11 April 2019.