Country Health (CHSA) Mental Health (MH) - Draft Community MH (CMH) Model of Care (MoC) - Member Feedback Sought

09 January 2017

CHSA recently released the draft CHSA CMH MoC for consultation. The original consultation period was due to close on 8 January, which included three public holidays and many staff on leave for the Christmas/New Year break. The PSA sought an extension of the consultation so that as many staff as possible would have the opportunity to provide feedback. The Director of CHSA MH Strategic Operations has now agreed to extend to 23 January 2016.

While an improvement, please advise the PSA urgently if you are aware of significant numbers of salaried staff (e.g. Allied Health staff, administrative staff etc) on leave up until 23 January.

While the PSA had hoped to hold a video conference meeting with salaried staff to discuss the draft MoC, the position of CHSA meant the anonymity of members could not be ensured. As a result the PSA is seeking feedback via e-mail from members to include in the PSA's response to management. A copy of the draft MoC can be found here.

Please forward any comments to PSA by close of business Wednesday 18 January 2017 to allow them to be included in a collated and non-identifying manner, in the PSA's response.