Corrections Issued With Improvement Notice by Safework SA

12 February 2020

Yesterday (11 February 2020) SafeWorkSA served an Improvement Notice on the Department for Correctional Services identifying contraventions of the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations at Yatala Labour Prison. This followed the issuing of a PIN in relation to consultation, hazard identification and risk assessment by a Health and Safety Representative.

PSA members were concerned that there were no clear agreed processes for workers to express their views which led to workgroup confusion and concerns about the work, health and safety risks of proposed changes.

The recommendations made by the inspector are that management:

  •  Ensure formal terms of reference for the Risk Assessment Workgroup
  •  Ensure minutes are taken at meetings
  •  Provide training in risk assessment
  •  Comply with DCS Guideline 2 Applying Risk Management V4 & DCS SOP V2 (Assessing, controlling and monitoring WHS risk and manual tasks)

It was also recommended that they refer to the Work Health and Safety Consultation, Co-operation code of practice dated March 2019. This is available on the SafeWorkSA website.

This Improvement Notice means that the Department cannot proceed with the process referred to in the PIN until the recommended improvements are made.

The fine for not complying with the improvement notice is $250,000.

The Health and Safety Representatives, PSA Worksite Representatives and Members at Yatala Labour Prison should be congratulated for standing up to ensure proper risk assessment and consultation occur about change. This protects everyone at the worksite from injuries and exposure to hazards.

The PSA will continue to support members in identifying and raising industrial and safety issues and providing information and support to our Worksite Representatives, Members and elected Health and Safety Representatives.