Contract Update - SARDI

30 November 2018

The PSA has received a commitment from the Department that:

  • a report of the number of staff who have been made ongoing and the number who have not, would be provided each week;
  • the criteria for assessment would be provided in order for the PSA to comment on this; and
  • an informal process of review would be established for staff who are not happy with the outcome of their assessment for on-going employment.

The PSA received information from the Department on Tuesday afternoon.

30 recommendations for ongoing employment were sent to the Chief Executive on Monday 26 November 2018. Added to the 26 last week, a total of 56 employees have been made ongoing so far.

No final decisions have been made to reject ongoing employment yet, however the Department is looking closely at three cases that may not meet the criteria.

The plan is to assess around 30 more staff contracts this week. At this rate, the work should be able to be completed by Christmas.

The Department provided the criteria they are using to make the assessments. The PSA is seeking input from our lawyer and your Worksite Representative before we respond to the Department to ensure the criteria accurately reflect the provisions of the Public Sector Act and the local arrangements for project management.

The PSA received confirmation that an informal review for any staff member who is not happy with the outcome will be available. The relevant date for the purposes of a formal internal review would be the date of this informal process rather than the date the original decision was made.

Have you been made ongoing?

If you have been made ongoing we would like to hear from you. In order to monitor this process, we have set up a database and will be recording outcomes as they come in. Please send your name, position and location to the PSA at

Have you been rejected for ongoing employment?

It is vital that we hear from you so we can assess if the criteria has been applied fairly, if there are other reasons why you should be made ongoing and to gain support from the PSA in the informal review process and beyond. This support can only be provided if you are already a PSA member.

Join the PSA

A large number of SARDI staff have recently joined the PSA. It is important that you join if you have not already done so because PSA members have pursued this issue on behalf of all staff and need your support. It is also crucial for your own protection and support should you not be made ongoing, and for any other issues that may arise in the workplace post this issue being resolved. If you are already a member please encourage your colleagues to join. Joining online is easy, all you need to do is click here.