Consultation Paper - Distributed Medical Imaging in the New RAH

19 April 2016

The PSA has received a copy of the Distributed Medical Imaging in the new Royal Adelaide Hospital Consultation Paper which explains and details much of the changes planned for Medical Imaging from day one of operations at the new RAH.

A copy of the correspondence from the CALHN Chief Executive Officer and a copy of the Consultation Paper can be viewed here.


An initial review of this model by the PSA has raised the following concerns:

  • This model will rely on the effective, timely and accurate workings of ESMI which will interface with and rely on the effective timely and accurate workings of EPAS. To date many unaccounted problems have reeked havoc, particularly on administration staff, resulting in unreasonable workloads, stress and risks to the community due to the many and varied faults with the introduction of ESMI.


  • Appropriate staff training and the workings of these IT systems will be telling if they are not adequately managed and implemented before day one of operations.


  • Reliance on the PACS VR system of reporting. The PSA has received feedback from members claiming VR reporting slow and cumbersome and has replaced the use of administration staff at the cost of significantly faster turn around times in reporting.


  • The intention to introduce KPI's and monitor staff performance and introduce less common protocols and procedures. The PSA has concerns based on the current practice with the introduction of protocols by SAMI and the discretionary and non-transparent approach to monitoring and reporting on faults and risks to staff and the community by SAMI executive.


  • Work Health & Safety risks for mobile Sonographers due to prolonged twisting and reaching while performing imaging services.



Members are encouraged to review the attached consultation paper and report any feedback to PSA Industrial Officer Rachael Scott via email before Monday 10 May 2016.


A formal report will be tabled at the next new Royal Adelaide Hospital Industrial Liaison Forum (ILF).