Community Corrections | Consultative Committee Meeting Update

05 November 2018

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended the latest Consultative Committee meeting on 16 October 2018. The PSA encourages members to read the endorsed minutes that are provided by the Department for Correctional Services (DCS) to all Community Corrections and Intensive Compliance Unit employees via your work email for further information.

The PSA raised many items of concern for members within ICU and members with the Community Corrections Centres (CCC). A common theme for all members is that of increasing workload due to the increasing number of offenders on home detention. Appropriate resourcing is an issue that will need to be addressed by DCS as a matter of urgency. This will only eventuate if members stand together and stay committed to this outcome.

It is not appropriate that the work tasks such as non-compliance breaches, retrospective review and electronic checks are simply transferred from one work group to another. The PSA does not support any of our members being overloaded. Clause 15 of the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017 clearly provides protection from unreasonable workloads.

It is important that ICU and CCC members are united in their support of each other against excessive and unsustainable workloads for all. The PSA has put forward to DCS consideration of another role that will undertake the tasks referenced above. This role would be a dedicated role and would not form part of the monitoring centre officer’s duties but would be situated in ICU. The PSA considers that agreement by DCS to this proposal would be a win-win for both member groups.

Increasing workload for administration members across all CCCs was minuted. The PSA will be supporting members to raise their workload issues locally in the first instance. The PSA will be visiting all metro sites over the coming weeks to begin the process. If this action does not result in any tangible outcomes, the PSA will instigate a collective campaign to resolve the matter. It is important that members take the time to attend local meetings with PSA Organiser Caroline Barnwell to begin the industrial process of holding the employer to account in relation to workloads that are not excessive, unreasonable or unsustainable. The PSA will also be scheduling in visits to the Parole Board and Courts Unit.

For Case Managers across sites, the Workload Tool is expected to be endorsed by Executive this month to enable consultation more broadly. The PSA encourages feedback from members when this has been distributed. An update should be provided at the next Consultative Committee meeting on 6 December 2018.

The PSA is pleased to advise that new Worksite Representatives (WSRs) for the parole board and for Edwardstown attended their first CCC meeting. The PSA encourages members whose worksite does not have representation at this meeting to consider taking on the important role of WSR to enable attendance.