CHSALHN Safety and Quality Review

11 July 2016

In January 2016 Country Health SA released a report from the internal review of Safety and Quality which included a number of recommendations (this report is available to staff on the CHSALHN wiki). The PSA has become aware that an “implementation plan” has since been released to some staff. This is causing confusion and members have raised concerns about transparency and the consultation process.



The PSA has sought clarification from the department and has been advised that no changes have been implemented, and that there is no intention to implement any changes without following the appropriate consultative processes. The confusion appears to have arisen as a result of the title of the document.



CHSALHN has provided confirmation to the PSA of their commitment to consult with the PSA and members on any proposed changes which may impact staff. The PSA will keep members informed regarding any developments.



The PSA is committed to ensuring appropriate consultative principles as outlined in the current Enterprise Agreement are adhered to.



Members with comments or concerns regarding the Safety and Quality Review should contact the PSA.