Child Protection - Update On Psychological Assessments

05 September 2017

The PSA has met with the Department for Child Protection (DCP) due to a number of concerns relating to the psychological assessment process (workforce assessments). The PSA initiated these meetings with DCP due to concerns the DCP communication commenting that an employee’s right to review does not put the process on hold and concerns of employment conditions.

Currently there are ongoing individual review processes, both internal and external reviews. If any reviews leads to recommendations impacting more broadly the PSA will provide further updates.

The PSA’s position is that a common sense approach to an internal review should occur, to review after the decision is implemented makes no sense. DCP did not agree to remove the comments regarding the process will not be on hold. However there is an understanding between the PSA and DCP where an individual member submits a review the individual circumstances are considered. This may be including potential postponing or rescheduling of the psychological assessment (which then may be dependent on the outcome of a review). The PSA has been assisting members in such circumstances and will continue to do assist members seeking assistance in a review process.

The PSA also requested DCP HR ensure employment conditions are applied appropriately, including the following that might be applicable to you when you are on-shift or off-shift and attending an appointment or meeting:

  •  Employees (off-shift) required to attend appointments are entitled to paid a minimum 3 hours per engagement;
  •  Overtime rates may be applicable depending on hours worked, TOIL is activated upon the employee’s request instead of being paid overtime.
  •  Paid overtime includes penalties, while TOIL is hour for hour.
  •  The rest period after overtime of at least 8 consecutive hours or penalties may apply until 8 hour rest period is achieved.
  •  No public servant is required to use their own vehicle, however if this is your choice the appropriate allowances should be included (applies to employees on-shift).
  •  Associated costs should be reimbursed (parking fees or taxi fare)
  •  Appointments to be rescheduled appropriately to workplace or personal responsibilities (also to suit planned roster, i.e. avoiding certain shifts or day off).

If you have not received your entitlements appropriately, in the first instance send a written request to your supervisor and request assistance in having these addressed.