Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) - Proposed Modified Restructure - CAMHS Response To Members' Feedback

03 January 2018

The Public Service Association (PSA) thanks all members who forwarded comments to include in the PSA’s feedback to CAMHS about the proposed modified restructure, released in September 2017. The PSA forwarded the collated feedback to CAMHS on 16 October 2017 (here).

CAMHS has now provided a response to the PSA. The PSA apologises for the delay in forwarding to members, however CAMHS chose to forward it late afternoon the day before the PSA's Christmas closure. CAMHS' response can be found here.

The PSA has confirmed that CAMHS will meet with the PSA when further information is available regarding the next version of the proposed structure, implementation dates, plans etc.

The PSA has also emailed CAMHS regarding the following:

1. Section 3.1 of Commissioner's Determination 7 - "Management of Excess Employees - Redeployment, Retraining and Redundancy" - requires that where employees may be made excess, which is the case with this proposed restructure, then there is certain information that the employer must supply to both employees and the Union. CAMHS forwarded some of this detail as part of their response, but not all - specifically the current numbers for salaried classifications. CAMHS advised that the classification information is available in the organisational charts. However the PSA believes that the PSA and members should not be expected to go through and "count up" all the classifications for all salaried staff in all the charts - this information should be provided in the one CD7 response. As such, the PSA has requested that this information is forwarded to enable members to have all the required information in the one document.

2. CAMHS has refused to respond to the PSA and members' feedback and further queries regarding Enfield CAMHS, stating that the site has already closed. This is despite the PSA's response being forwarded many weeks prior to closure date, and the further queries that, if responded to, would have enabled members to further understand how CAMHS intends to support Enfield clients adequately in the modified proposed structure. The PSA has advised that it will note this for further actions.

Once the full Commissioner's Determination 7 information has been received from CAMHS, the PSA will forward immediately to members. The PSA will also keep members updated regarding release of the next version of the proposed Restructure and implementation plans.