Child Abuse Report Line (CARL) - Dispute Notified on Pilot Implementation eCARL Blows Out

21 June 2016

The PSA has notified a dispute after meetings with the Department for Education and Child Development DECD failed to address and resolve PSA members' concerns, including concerns about the pilot model.


The PSA is seeking genuine consultation and a process that will clarify information regarding service delivery, position descriptions and how operationally the proposed model will actually work.


Without such clarity on processes, when the pilot program begins all staff in CARL would potentially remain at risk if inconsistencies, practice or practice errors occur. DECD must acknowledge and ensure their employees' welfare is not compromised.

Meanwhile, CARL continues to be overwhelmed with a backlog of eCARLs. The backlog is growing to its highest with more than 2,500 notifications (or close to six weeks behind). DECD committed to the PSA to review this program/system during discussions about concerns of the pilot model. However, a review has not been undertaken.


Consequently, children in South Australia are potentially at risk due to what is being reported by PSA members as a significant 'lag in data of child protection information' that is impacting past, current and future assessments/evaluations and allocated cases.

The PSA will report DECD's position to members and will seek further feedback from members.