Changes to the Department for Environment and Water

30 April 2018

Members have contacted the PSA concerned about several potential changes to the Department which could affect their work.

The PSA will be seeking information from the Department about any changes, and will be looking to establish a formal consultation structure where these issues can be discussed. Consultation structures are common within other government departments. Consultation is required under the consultation clause in the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017. The PSA has already received a lot of interest from members in participating in a consultation structure for DEW.

It is important for PSA members and those yet to join the PSA, to fill out the PSA DEW survey so that we can continue to build and maintain a strong union in the Department.

The PSA will hold a number of members’ meetings as detail around proposed changes come to light. The PSA will support members to ensure their rights are protected with any changes to their workplace, however we can only represent DEW staff who have joined the PSA.