Changes to How Allowances are Reported on Payslips

12 December 2017

The PSA has received advice that Shared Services SA (SSSA) and SA Health will be aligning all employees across the Local Health Networks to alleviate an inconsistency in relation to how some employees have their hourly rate inflated.

The PSA understands that the change will result in the allowance(s) being displayed separately on the employee’s payslip, resulting in a much more transparent breakdown of the employee’s payments. There will be no change to an employee’s pay as a result of this change.

SSSA have undertaken a review and identified inflated allowances that can transition to an existing allowance used in other LHNs immediately:

  •  Phase 1: The affected employees will receive a communication with the change being effective from pay period ending 22 December 2017.
  •  Phase 2: Where an inflated allowance cannot transition to an existing allowance code. SSSA will set up new allowance codes and communicate to impacted employees for the transition to these allowances by the 31 March 2018.

Examples of how the payslip will look before and after this change is available here.

SSSA has advised the PSA that there are a small number of salaried employees affected by the above changes, with the majority being nursing staff.

PSA members who have any concerns or comments can email PSA here.