CFS - Leave Accural - PSA Seeks Assistance from Commissioner for Public Sector Employment

27 January 2017

Following our previous update the Public Service Association (PSA) has recently received information that the CFS Chief Officer has, after considering the PSA position, decided to continue the intended course of action and seek to recoup all incorrectly accrued leave in one adjustment.

The PSA has today written to the Chief Officer requesting that any action in relation to this issue is placed on hold.

In attempting to halt the current process the PSA has also written to the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment requesting assistance to clarify the position that the Chief Officer believes that should he seek an alternative industrial solution this would open his office to the charge or accusation of maladministration. The PSA has stated clearly that seeking an industrial solution that is fair and reasonable cannot in the eyes of any independent observer be construed as maladministration.

Attached are the letters sent by the PSA to the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment (here) and the letter to the Chief Officer (here).

The PSA will continue to work towards a positive outcome for all affected members regarding this matter. Encourage your colleagues who are not already members of the PSA to join and together win this campaign.