Central Adelaide Local Health Network - Car Parking At The New Royal Adelaide Hospital (3)

13 September 2017

The PSA has today been advised by the CALHN Chief Financial Officer that the shuttle bus is being extended for a further 4 weeks to give more time to consider further longer term options.

The PSA and CALHN is scheduling a meeting to discuss the work health and safety foreseeable hazards identified by the PSA and members who are having to park in the multi-deck car park that are working shift rosters and on call.

The PSA believes that CALHN management have a primary duty of care as per Division 2 Section 19 of the Work Health and Safety Act to keep staff safe when working outside of normal office hours.

While the PSA is continuing to negotiate with CALHN the association encourages members, if they have not already done so, to appeal and submit a brief explanation of their circumstances.

If the appeal has not been successful to the Car Park Office, the next step is to lodge a Section 61 Internal Review for salaried employees. A copy of the DHA Application for Internal Review is available here and the Commissioner's Employment Guideline: Review of Employment Decision here.

The PSA also encourages members to lodge incident reports through the Safety Learning System (SLS) if you feel unsafe due to the changed car parking arrangements. Please let the PSA know once you have lodged.

The PSA will keep members informed on the progress with management.