Central Adelaide Local Health Network - Car Parking at the New Royal Adelaide Hospital

29 August 2017

The PSA is aware that the allocation of car parking permits for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) has been completed and is causing concerns for some members regarding car parking for staff in the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

All staff were advised that there was no transfer of existing car parking permits and all staff had to apply online for a new permit. Staff who were unsuccessful but believe they should have received one can access an appeal process as announced by management (here).

Staff may have been unsuccessful and wish to appeal due to:

  1. They met the criteria but for some reason did not receive one; or
  2. Do not meet all of criteria 1, but are on rotating rosters Monday to Friday over a span of hours e.g. 6:30am until 8pm or 11am and do not meet the criteria for early bird parking at the private car parks close to the nRAH or the free Adelaide Metro City Connector shuttle bus; or
  3. The criteria was changed without consultation as management ‘changed the goal posts’ e.g. criteria 2 (those who are on-call roster, receiving an on-call allowance and required to return to work for recall purposes); and
  4. There are safety concerns in relation to the location.

The PSA is also meeting with management to work through the concerns raised by members including work health and safety risks due to the inability of members obtaining car parking permits.