CBS | Gambling Reforms And Operations | Proposed Structure

24 April 2019

The Director, Business Services has invited the Public Service Association (PSA) to provide feedback about proposed changes to the structure of the Circuit Team’s ASO3 and ASO4 Law Clerks, specifically the loss of an ASO4 role and creation of an ASO3 role.

The letter suggests consultation around the proposals is open until 7 May 2019.

Any proposal for change is subject to consultation according to clause 34 of the South Australian Modern Public Service Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017 (SAMPSEAS).


34.1 The parties commit to the following consultative principles.

34.1.1 Consultation involves the sharing of information and the exchange of views between employers and persons or bodies that must be consulted and the genuine opportunity for them to contribute effectively to any decision making process. This includes consultation with the applicable union whose members are affected.

34.1.2 Employers and Agencies consult in good faith, not simply advise what will be done.

34.1.4 Workplace change, including any restructure/reorganisation (however described) that will affect employees should not be implemented before appropriate consultation has occurred with employee representatives.

Any proposal for change must also consider workloads according to clause 15.2 of the SAMPSEAS:


15.1 The parties acknowledge that the workload for individual employees or a group of
employees in a workplace (work group) must not be excessive, unreasonable or

15.2 Any proposed review or proposed workplace change must include as part of consultation,
an assessment of the potential impact on workloads for individual employees or a work
group in a workplace and measures proposed to manage such impacts. The intent of
managing impacts must be to minimise the risk of unreasonable workloads.

PSA has sought a meeting of affected staff to discuss the proposals and your opportunity to influence the outcome. A time and venue is being arranged. A further notification will be sent once the details are available.

PSA may seek an extension to the consultation period depending on your response as members.

Please forward any comments or questions by email.