Calling All ASO1s

17 July 2018

During the recent enterprise agreement bargaining process the PSA successfully negotiated an audit of all ASO1 positions to address the under-classification of ASO1 staff in the public service.

There is a clear process set out in the agreement, and there is an obligation that agencies undertake this audit. We have written to all agencies to remind them of their obligation to undertake the audit.

We will support our members to make sure the audit is fairly undertaken under the terms of the agreement. We will support you through the process.

If you do not think your agency is undertaking the audit using the correct process, or you have gone through the audit process and not been approved at an ASO2 level, then please contact the PSA.

To make sure ASO1s benefit from this part of the agreement, we need your help.

  •  Register on this online survey if you have worked at the ASO1 level for more than 12 months, so we can make sure your skills are properly recognised. Fill in the survey here.
  •  Please pass this information on to any ASO1s you know and encourage them to register by filling in the survey
  •  Encourage your ASO1 colleagues to join the PSA so we can make sure they are classified correctly through this process and we can support them as part of the audit.