Call Centre Dispute Heard in the SAET

02 October 2019

The PSA notified a dispute to the South Australian Employment Tribunal regarding the issues relating to DCP of Call Centre staff caring for young people overnight and the transporting of young people out of hours.

The initial hearing was held on Tuesday 24 September 2019 and was attended by PSA Worksite Representatives , PSA Industrial Officer and PSA Organiser.

The PSA explained our concerns around Call Centre shift teams caring for young people out of hours and the flow on effect of this, not only on fatigue of staff, but on the wellbeing of young people and the inability to maintain the Call Centre workload. The PSA also stressed the need for standard operating procedures for the safe transporting of young people.

DCP acknowledged that both parties genuinely want to resolve this issue.

Various undertakings were agreed to during this conference as follows:

  •  DCP A/Regional Director Akash Segal will write to all staff working in the Call Centre reiterating that being called in or working extra shifts to care for young people out of hours is voluntary. This means you have the right to refuse.
  •  The PSA will write to DCP with examples of people working too many shifts, including double shifts, to care for young people. This will emphasise the workload issues and fatigue management.

The PSA maintains that Call Centre shift teams should not be caring for young people. There needs to be alternative strategies in place by DCP to ensure this ceases which will enable Call Centre staff to complete their core duties and reducing the backlog of work created by performing duties outside your Job and Person Specifications.