CALHN Office of the Chief Executive Officuer Consultation Dispute - Consultation to Continue

16 December 2016

The PSA and representatives from CALHN appeared in the Industrial Relations Commission on Monday 12 December 2016 in response to the PSA lodged dispute arising from inadequate consultation.

Following a consultant's review of the administration function within the Office of the CEO (OCEO) the CE proceeded to implement the draft recommendations despite the PSA's request for further information as to the rationale behind such proposed changes and genuine consultation.

The PSA also stated that the consultant's finding were based mainly on a desk top discovery based on outdated J & Ps. Not all of the incumbents of the positions were interviewed to find out what they actually do, the level of expertise required nor qualifications.

The outcome of the hearing was that CALHN must provide the PSA with all information requested and to enter into genuine consultation.

The dispute has been relisted for 31 January 2017 to enable a report back. Meanwhile, as per the South Australian Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement: Salaried, clause 27 Dispute Resolution, the status quo applies, i.e. the proposed changes cannot be implemented.

The PSA will continue to work to ensure member views are heard and that CALHN abide by the conditions set out in the enterprise agreement.