CALHN Office of the CEO Review Update

28 March 2017

The CALHN Office of the CEO (OCEO) has conducted a review of the various teams reporting to the CEO. This includes the CALHN Consumer Adviser Service. A copy of the current consultation paper can can be accessed here.

Initial feedback from members working in the CALHN OCEO has raised concern that the recommendations stemming from the review are not underpinned by information or evidence as to how the recommendations have been reached, nor information about how the proposed changes to the Consumer Adviser Service will be implemented.

In addition, members are concerned that inadequate consultation has occurred with key internal and external stakeholders. Internally, these stakeholders include medical, nursing and other clinical staff across CALHN, together with a range of administrative staff who are likely to be affected by the recommendation that more complaint matters will be devolved to the Senior Clinical and Administration Managers than is already occurring.

Members are also concerned by the recommendation that the current multi classified positions-AHP3,RN3,ASO6/ASO7 – will become all level 5 positions. The Consumer Advisers often deal with complaint matters of a very complex and clinical nature, and these require a commensurate degree of responsibility and clinical insight to manage and resolve.

The changes recommended in the review do not recognise the level of expertise required, and currently provided by, the Consumer Adviser Service to manage and ensure appropriate responses to consumer complaint matters across CALHN.

Changes to the Consumer Adviser Service will have a significant impact beyond the CALHN OCEO Consumer Adviser Service. Senior Clinical Managers (Medical and Nursing), Allied Health Leads, Administration Area Managers, and Risk Managers are all likely to experience increased requests to manage more complex complaint matters and provide written responses, without the support they currently receive from the Consumer Adviser Service.

This is of particular concern in the current SA Health climate, given the significant service reconfigurations presented by Transforming Health and the potential challenges associated with the shift to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital later in the year.

PSA members should convey any issues or concerns they would like raised on their behalf to PSA by 31 March 2017.