CALHN Mental Health (MH) Administrative Services Review - Update

08 November 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) has, on numerous occasions, requested an update from CALHN MH management regarding the status of the CALHN MH Administrative Services Review which according to management had been delayed in release due to governance changes.

Last week, CALHN MH management finally advised the PSA that aspects of the report require updating due to changes in service requirements. In addition, Business Support were not included and now the Older Persons Mental Health inpatient unit at TQEH and East and West Community Teams are also under CALHN MH governance.

As a result, CALHN MH plan to undertake a new and wider Review but will incorporate the feedback provided by staff and the information gained in the first Review. CALHN MH have committed to engaging with the PSA early in this process.

The PSA will again engage with members as soon as this process recommences and will remain involved in the consultation process and will continue to support members in this matter.