CAA Sheriff’s Office | SARC Inquiry

22 July 2019

PSA members and staff attended the first and second public hearings of the Statutory Authorities Review Committee into the Sheriff’s Office. The Inquiry is looking particularly at workplace bullying, harassment, misconduct and staffing issues. The first hearings of the Committee involved the State Courts Administrator, the Executive Director of Higher Courts and the Sheriff. You are encouraged to read the transcripts of the hearings for a fuller picture of the Inquiry’s direction thus far here.

The PSA noted a number of statements that members may be able to provide more information about:

Questions 19, 28 and 136 – whether Sheriff’s Officers had been met with in relation to the Inquiry and whether any directions were given in relation to the SARC Inquiry including providing submissions.

Questions 113, 114, 124, 125, 252, 253 – whether all witnesses to an incident are interviewed and how that decision is made.

Question 162 – whether leadership is aware of sexual harassment complaints.

Question 222 – what goes into a decision to move someone while a complaint is being dealt with, including health and safety concerns.

Questions 271-273 – whether Senior Sheriff’s Officers can put staff on “bonds” and/or other performance improvement programs.

Question 291 – whether staff are “spying on other staff”.

Questions 355, 356 – whether leadership is aware that supervisors are dealing with issues and how a staff member might complain about how their issue is being handled.

Questions 410-411 – whether staff have been threatened with performance management by supervisors.

Questions 463-465 – what advice staff are given around seeking a review of a decision, including representation/support.

Question 627 – whether leadership is aware of complaints against staff involving drug or alcohol use.

Please forward any comments or questions by email to your Worksite Representative or to PSA by email.