Bullying and Harassment: PSA Notifies Dispute with CFS

03 October 2019

The PSA has been supporting the Community Engagement team as well as a number of members in the CFS Information and Operations team in regards to complaints about bullying and harassment from management.

Earlier this year, an independent investigation was undertaken by Quark and Associates. The PSA participated fully in this process, which resulted in a 170 page report being returned to the Executive Leadership Team. All PSA members who participated in this process have been cleared of any wrong doing. At this stage, only a summary of the reports recommendations have been received by the PSA.

The PSA met with management and PSA members to go over the summary of the recommendations and afterwards with members to consult about our next steps.

After this meeting, the PSA wrote to CFS management to request an immediate change of reporting lines for the Community Engagement team to ensure the health and wellbeing of staff. A copy of this letter can be found here.

A response received from CFS management dated 27 September 2019 (here) advises this has not yet occurred, however when it does, members will still be required to interact with the CFS Information and Operations management. This is unacceptable and the PSA believes our members to be at serious risk of psychological injury if they continue to be managed in the current line management arrangement.

The PSA has written to CFS management to notify a dispute (here) and reiterate our request that line management of Community Engagement Officers is to change immediately. A failure to respond in a timely manner will result in the PSA referring the matter to the South Australian Employment Tribunal.

The PSA continues to be concerned about the health and safety of PSA members at CFS.