Big Win For Members – No 12 Hour Rosters in Residential Care

03 April 2019

PSA members in Residential Care demonstrated their strength in numbers by banding together to tell the Department for Child Protection (DCP) we will not accept unsafe changes to working conditions.

Over 70 PSA members met on March 6 2019 and voted unanimously against 12 hour shifts in Residential Care. This has resulted in DCP having to go back to the drawing board to create better rostering options and agreeing to genuine consultation with PSA members.

This united show of strength is how you as PSA members maintain safe and sustainable working conditions where vulnerable young people are able to be cared for by healthy and highly skilled Child and Youth Workers.

Members should be proud that by standing together you have shown DCP you care about your own wellbeing and the need for a good work life balance to be able to function at a high level when caring for the most vulnerable young people in this state.

The PSA and members will need to continue to advocate for a workable rostering system by continuing to work together to find the best outcome for all. You will be updated with any further information as it comes to the PSA.