Big Step Forward for SARDI Members – Staff to be Made Ongoing

02 November 2018

The PSA has received a formal letter from PIRSA Chief Executive with the following commitments:

  • All staff who are employed on 45(3) (a) contract who is not working on a project (e.g. admin staff) will be made ongoing
  • All staff who have been employed for more than 5 years on 45 (3) (c) contracts will be made ongoing

The letter is available here. The PSA has contacted HR for clear timeframes for when this will occur.

If you are not yet a PSA member and fit into these categories we urge you to join the PSA so we can make sure you access ongoing employment with all your entitlements and you do not miss out.

PIRSA has employed an external consultant to establish who can be made ongoing. The PSA believe the law is clear and all people who fall into these two categories should be made ongoing. You can join online here.

This is great step forward for contact staff at SARDI. Congratulations to all members for sticking together to achieve this great outcome.

This commitment still leaves the bulk of SARDI contract staff to deal with, that is, the staff who are employed on 45 (3) (a). The Department has asked the PSA to discuss our approach to dealing with this issue. We will be consulting with our lawyers and with PSA members in the next few days before responding.

Keep the pressure up for decent secure jobs for SARDI staff!

Please encourage your colleagues to join. If they join later and have an issue, they may not be able to access the support of the PSA.