Big Changes and Cuts Proposed of Five Directorates, “lizard Lounge” to be Disbanded, and PSA Continues to Fight Privatisation of Road Maintenance, Trams and Trains

29 August 2019

Restructure proposal to hit five Directorates

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has written to the Public Service Association (PSA) to propose organisational changes with job cuts in 5 major directorates.

These proposals would impact 835 Full Time Equivalents (FTE) and would see a significant cut to jobs across the Department. The PSA is opposed to further job cuts in DPTI and will be working with members to oppose these restructures and provide evidence as to why they shouldn’t occur

Current FTE
Proposed FTE
Planning and Land Services Division
Transport, Policy, Strategy and Program Development Division
Customer, Community and Public Affairs Directorate
People and Capability Directorate
Risk and Assurance Directorate

There is a requirement for the employer to genuinely consult with staff about any proposed change in the workplace. DPTI has failed to provide even basic information for staff as part of this consultation process and has only given two weeks for feedback.

The PSA has written to DPTI to request the following information as well as an extension of the consultation period.

  • the work location and functions of affected staff
  • the overall composition of the workforce in the relevant agency, in particular characteristics such as temporary/term employment, casual employees, including contractors, howsoever labelled (i.e. including consultants and labour hire staff)
  • An assessment of workload of the proposed changes

The PSA has already received the following information

  • number of current full time equivalent roles/positions, employees and classifications;
  • the number of full time equivalent roles/positions that are intended to be abolished as a consequence of the intended organisational change
  • the number of employees who may potentially become excess to requirements

Once the full information has been provided, the PSA will be meeting with members. You can also send feedback and questions by email to PSA.

Lizard Lounge Faces the Chop

The PSA has been notified that the Career Services Unit, otherwise known as the ‘Lizard Lounge’ will no longer be responsible for the Case Management of unassigned staff in DPTI. Impacted staff will now be managed by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment (OCPSE) Workforce Transition Unit.

Over recent years members have had many concerns with the way the Career Services Unit have managed affected staff of Rejuvenation and Restructure processes. Members have also expressed considerable concern about a potential wave of unassigned staff as a result of proposed privatisations and restructures.

There is a requirement that unassigned staff are provided with opportunities to find ongoing work. This change will give DPTI staff access to jobs across Government.

The PSA welcomes this announcement and will work with members to ensure they have clear information about the process and their industrial rights.

Privatisation Fight Continues

The PSA continues to campaign against the privatisation of road maintenance, trams and trains. Recent action included a joint union protest outside of the Liberal Party Conference at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Last week we leafleted passengers of trains and trams on the days staff went to the information meetings. The support of the public is strongly against privatising public transport. If you wish to be more actively involved in campaigning, please sign up to our campaign activist list here.