AYTC - Worksite Representatives Meeting Update

11 November 2016

On Wednesday 2 November your PSA Worksite Representatives along with PSA staff met to discuss outstanding issues with AYTC management and DCSI Human Resources in relation to the recent critical situations and associated on going staff safety and security concerns.

The discussion centred around the investigative and suspension processes that DCSI had in place previously and the trend towards how these incidents are now being handled. It was identified that staff are happy with the way investigations raised from care concerns are being dealt with in a more respectful and timely manner, however some of the previous incidents still outstanding have seemingly not received the same consideration.

The outcome of these discussions resulted wit the PSA writing a letter to DCSI Chief Executive Tony Harrison addressing the apparent inequitable treatment of staff. A copy of that letter is attached here.

Members who have feedback on how AYTC can improve staff safety and security should contact their Worksite Representative.