AYTC Safety Concerns

10 March 2017

PSA staff and Worksite Representatives (WSRs) met with Chief Executive Tony Harrison (CE) at AYTC on Tuesday 7 March 2017 to address ongoing staff safety concerns.

It is noted that the CE responded promptly to our request to meet, demonstrating his commitment to take staff safety seriously and move to address these issues.

The meeting was beneficial however we were unable to address all concerns due to time constraints. The PSA has written to the CE to summarise concerns and provide a list of items addressed. A copy of this letter is available here.

The PSA requested a fortnightly safety meeting to occur between local management, WSRs and the PSA.

This is a difficult time for our members working in unacceptable conditions. The PSA acknowledge the dedication to address issues by the members at AYTC. The PSA will continue to fight to have these safety concerns addressed.