AYTC - More Clarity Required – Use of MSS Guards

26 July 2018

The PSA for a considerable time has been pursuing clarity, accountability and governance structures when Youth Workers at Adelaide Youth Training Centre staff (AYTC) are required to work alongside MSS Guards on hospital admissions.

Clarification on the staffing arrangements when hospital admissions (including Boylan Ward) are necessary has been provided by the Department for Human Services (DHS). Members however have reported confusion in relation to the chain of command when there are two employers involved and when the directives being supplied to both may be in conflict with each other.

The Department for Human Services has provided the latest response (here).

The PSA has followed up with the Acting General Manager seeking further information and a copy of the contract between MSS and DHS.

Examples of questions requiring answers are:

1. Do MSS guards have the full complement of responsibilities that an AYTC Youth Worker does?

2. Is an MSS guard required to help apply mechanical restraints, if needed?

3. If two AYTC Youth Workers are dealing with a resident, what responsibilities does the MSS guard have?

Any member who would like to provide feedback can contact PSA.