AYTC | Staff Assignment Policy | Requirement to Consult Ignored!

25 May 2018

The PSA has for a considerable time been communicating with the Department for Human Services (DHS) with regards to the consultation and development of a Staff Assignment Policy that is fair and equitable for all staff at the Adelaide Youth Training Centre (AYTC).

DHS’s position is that the current policy (here), is sufficient and that a localised policy is not required. Assignments of staff have continued to occur despite the PSA placing the matter in dispute and lodging an application at the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET). The PSA is awaiting a listing date for the matter to be heard.

The PSA will be arranging a meeting of members so that members can put forward any ideas that they would like to see incorporated in any revised Assignment Policy.

The PSA understands that operational needs may at times require employees to be moved temporarily from one campus to another, however any such moves should be governed by a suitable local policy.

The PSA will continue to act in members’ best interests to enable you to continue undertaking the valuable and crucial work you do every day at your workplaces.