Australian Red Cross Blood Service (South Australia) Enterprise Bargaining

25 September 2019

The Community and Public Sector Union State Public Services Federation Group South Australian Branch (CPSU/PSA) recently attended a meeting at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service to discuss the forthcoming enterprise bargaining negotiations.

Enterprise bargaining aims to improve the working conditions and salaries of workers by negotiating an Enterprise Agreement (EA) that delivers better working conditions and increased rates of pay over and above the pay and conditions included in an Award.

The current enterprise agreement has a nominal expiry date of 30 June 2020. The final pay increase in the current enterprise agreement was paid in July 2019.

The Red Cross Blood Service is planning to commence regular enterprise bargaining in the coming months.

The service has indicated their desire to combine the recently expired Enterprise Agreement that applies to nursing staff with our Enterprise Agreement as a part of this round of enterprise bargaining negotiations. The service has stated that one of the primary reasons for their desire to have a combined agreement is to ensure that employees who work alongside each other gain the same working conditions conditions, especially within Donor Centres.

The CPSU/PSA will arrange meetings with CPSU/PSA members at The Red Cross Blood Service prior to the commencement of formal enterprise bargaining negotiations in order to seek member feedback in preparation for these negotiations.

A copy of the current Enterprise Agreement is available here for your perusal.

Member feedback may also be forwarded to PSA by email.