ASO Classification PIDs Abolished from Monday 7 March 2016

16 March 2016

The Commissioner for Public Employment had advised the PSA that from that date, 7 March 2016 the Position Information Documents (PIDs) contained in the Classification Manual for Administrative Services Officers (ASO) will no longer be used as part of the Classification Criteria. The Classification Manuals are rescinded. The Stream Work Level Definitions (as per schedule 3 of the SA Public Sector Salaried Employees Interim Award (SAPSSEI) continue to apply and improved Career Group Definitions will be contained within Commissioner's Determination 5 (CD) applicable from 7 March 2016.

Also as an improvement in CD 5 will be included:

  • Classification Rules and Requirements
  • How to Classify Duties.


The PSA was consulted and agrees with these improvements. Indeed the PSA advocated for the removal of these outdated PIDs most of which are over 25 years old.

The PSA considers that these improvements will assist members in applying to be reclassified.
The Technical Grades Officer (TGO) Stream is currently under review and the proposal to remove Position Descriptors in the TGO Stream is currently going through the consultative process with agencies. The PSA has already agreed with the proposal.

Removal of Classification PIDs as a "classifier" has already occurred with Allied Health Professionals (AHP), Professional Services Officers (PO), Medical Scientists (MeS), Correctional Services Officers (CSO) and Dentists from January 2010 with their Stream Work Level Definitions now being found in the Enterprise Agreement (EA). These groups now do not have "Career Group” Work Level Definitions either.

The SAPSSEI Award, which applies to all agencies including SA Health contains the Work Level Definitions and the following statement.




The Stream Work Level definitions form one part of the total classification criteria package for the Administrative Services Stream. In classifying positions regard must be had to Career Group Work Level definitions contained in the published Classification Standards by the Commissioner for Public Employment in accordance with the Public Sector Act 2009 and as varied from time to time.”

Therefore for members undertaking new applications for reclassification please ensure you use the new CD5 which can be accessed via these links:

Determination 5 Classification Standards ASO
Determination 5 Classification Standards: Classification Rules and Requirements
Determination 5 Classification Standards: How to classify duties