Are You on a Contract? System Performance Division Restructure Update

23 June 2020

The Public Service Association (PSA) has concerns about term contract staff within the System Performance Division who have been advised that their contracts will end on 26 June 2020. The PSA has sought an extension of all term contracts while the restructure consultation takes place. The PSA considers ending employment of contract staff constitutes implementation of the restructure, which should not occur until consultation has been finalised.

The PSA is also concerned that staff may be entitled to ongoing employment or have been inappropriately placed on contract. This all needs to be reviewed prior to any restructure occurring, and importantly prior to contracts being terminated.

Are you on a contract and have you been advised that your contract will terminate on 26 June 2020?

Do you understand your rights this process?

The PSA would like to hear from you urgently, even if you are not yet a member. Please contact your PSA Organiser by email or the PSA Members’ Rights Hotline by phone on 8205 3227.

Next step in consultation
The PSA wrote to the Department for Education (DE) requesting more information and further time for consultation time for the proposed restructure of the Service Performance Divisions. DE granted an extension of consultation until COB Monday 22 June 2020.

Yesterday morning (22 June 2020), the Public Service Association (PSA) met via videoconference with members potentially impacted by DE’s proposed restructure of the System Performance Division. This meeting gave members an opportunity to feedback more information before the PSA meets with the department today, 23 June 2020, to present all information collected from members.