Another Closure in DPTI: Adelaide Metro Infocentre to Close

08 August 2019

Minister Stephan Knoll MP yesterday announced another cruel cut to services provided by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure; this time the Adelaide Metro “InfoCentre” on Currie Street.

As part of this announcement it has also been proposed to reduce the number of Customer Service Officer positions from 19 FTE down to 14 FTE as well as a reduction in Operations and Co-ordinator roles.This will leave existing colleagues to effectively compete against each other to win their roles back through a selection process.

The closure of the centre without a suitable replacement will disadvantage the members of the public who rely on face-to-face customer service on Currie Street, which is conveniently located for bus routes. Additionally, the closure of the Currie St centre does not in itself warrant a reduction in Customer Service staff across Adelaide.

Members affected by the shutting of the centre or the reduction of roles in the frontline services area can contact PSA by email to provide feedback or arrange a worksite meeting.

Members can also contact the PSA Members’ Rights Hotline on 8205 3227 to discuss their rights should DPTI pursue the abolition of positions.