Adelaide Remand Centre | Industrial Court Determines PSA aas Arguable Case

07 March 2019

In a decision handed down today the South Australian Employment Court has found the PSA has an arguable case that the Government has breached its obligations to consult with the PSA and our members about matters arising from the privatisation of the Adelaide Remand Centre.

The Court also ordered that further disclosure of documents should be made – that is, the Government must make certain documentation about the privatisation available for consultation purposes.

The PSA brought the case on the basis the Government and the Department had not complied with your enterprise agreement in respect of its consultation obligations.

Today’s decision cleared the first hurdle the government put in our way to pursuing this matter further in the Employment Court. The PSA expects the case now to proceed to a Court hearing in April where the merits of our case will be argued.

Before the election the now Premier told PSA members in a public meeting that his government did not have a privatisation agenda. The Treasurer advised the PSA before the election that his government would only consider outsourcing and privatisation if it was in the public interest to do so.

The PSA expects the government to comply with its obligations under your enterprise agreement – and to meet the commitments it made before the election.

Privatised prisons always result in increased violence and contraband, precarious employment and the loss of conditions. We have much more work to do.

Members will be kept informed as matters progress.