Action Today to Keep Prisons Public and Safe in South Australia

10 July 2019

PSA members in prisons are taking industrial action today to protect our public prisons from privatisation and keep staff, prisoners, and the community safe.

The privatisation of the Adelaide Remand Centre to SERCO was only the first attack. Despite what the Department’s brochures say about their ‘Better Prisons Program’, it is now clear the Department has an agenda to reduce staff and their conditions, and they have still not ruled out further privatisations. All the while they are trying to circumvent the established consultation processes in an attempt to divide and conquer.

Today’s united action comes after many attempts by the PSA to establish a transparent and respectful process of discussion and consultation with staff and the union. There have also been a large number of job cuts flagged at Mobilong, as well as no additional positions to accommodate 60 new beds at the Adelaide Women’s Prison.

All of these proposals have come from the Department with a total lack of appropriate information which would support their agenda.

The PSA calls for:

  •  No measures that will reduce safety for staff, prisoners, or the community
  •  No job cuts
  •  Respectful consultation processes

The PSA also demands the Government rule out any further privatisation of the public prison system in South Australia.

Today’s action is a testament to unity and strength of our members working in the prison system. The action will be in place for all shifts today.

Members will continue to provide the basic care required for prisoners. Although today’s programs and events may be impacted, our action is about ensuring that programs and events are able to be safely held and delivered into the future.

If you have any questions or if there are any issues at your site, please contact your PSA Worksite Representative.