Action Suspended - Department on Notice

19 February 2016

A membership meeting held last night to consider the most recent offer from DECD unanimously agreed to suspend the current industrial action immediately.

The suspension has come with three conditions. The Department has been put on notice that there will be a resumption and possible escalation of industrial action if:

  • The Department fails to honour any commitments detailed in the final offer
  • The Department fails to provide an explanation about staffing discrepancies by 4 March
  • Evidence comes to light that staff are being performance managed that is in any way linked to the industrial dispute


See the PSA's letter to DECD here.

Members should be proud that the unified action undertaken across Families SA has resulted in achievements that go towards addressing system failings within the Department. These include:

  • Immediate discussions on workload assessment tools
  • Immediate review of SBC
  • 20 agency staff to immediately free up existing staff
  • Conversion of term employees
  • An immediate review of how staff can be supported and retained
  • A review into the cumbersome recruitment process


However far more needs to be done.

The PSA is asking all members to review within the next week the staffing data supplied to identify where they believe positions have vanished since Redesign. Members should provide that information to the PSA by Wednesday 24 February. We shall then be seeking responses from management by 4 March. Staffing figures for all directorates can be found here.

The membership meeting clearly indicated members have no trust in DECD. DECD are on notice to deliver on their promises and explain their discrepancies. We will be watching them.

Within the next week site-based meetings between staff and management should be identifying where the immediate 20 staff (and their composition) can be placed. Keep the PSA advised how these go.

For further information or clarification please contact your PSA Worksite Representatives or the PSA.