Action Continues - DECD Considers Position

12 February 2016

Following attendance at the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) yesterday (11 February 2016) the current industrial action continues while the Department for Education (DECD) considers the proposals tabled by the PSA.

The hearing yet again showed how poorly DECD has handled this entire dispute process. The PSA delegation attended the IRC with the express mandate from the PSA members meeting to suspend action if key concessions were given on both immediate staffing and explaining where all the positions in the Department had gone.

The DECD delegation attended the IRC with the only demand being that the 'bans had to stop', however no DECD representative had any authority to negotiate. Consequently the DECD delegation was left with no option but to take away the PSA demands so they could be considered by DECD staff with authority, rather than come to a resolution on the spot at the IRC.

A further meeting is planned at the IRC on Tuesday 16 February.

The PSA negotiating position was clear, immediate filling of vacancies cannot be constrained by arbitrary limits or timeframes but must be linked to real needs on a site by site basis. In addition, PSA members will clearly detail the real number of positions that have vanished in the apparent 'harvesting' program that DECD has been conducting based on the new information circulated to members last week, as it seems DECD is unable to produce this themselves.

Further briefs will be circulated next week as any outcome from these negotiations will require tight timeframes to be met by DECD. Once again the ongoing united action by PSA members continues to send a clear message to the Department – fix this crisis.

For further information or clarification please contact your PSA Worksite Representatives or the PSA.