Action Continues after Members detail Workload Pressures directly to Deputy CE

02 February 2016

A further conciliation conference has taken place at the Industrial Relation Commission (IRC), again running into the evening of Monday 1 February. Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) gave an assurance to supply the PSA with a written offer to resolve the dispute by close of business on 3 February 2016. The industrial action remains in place.

Approximately 20 PSA Worksite Representatives and delegates met with the Deputy Chief Executive in the morning prior to appearing at the IRC to provide damning testimony as to how workloads and pressures are at crises point and how staff need help and to be treated with respect.

It was spelt out clearly to DECD that unless their offer provides tangible immediate relief, the Department will face a real risk of members escalating their Industrial Action.

Following receipt of an offer from DECD the PSA has agreed to hold a member meeting to consider the offer and the next steps.