A Process to Determine if Negotiations Should Start to Sell Off the Motor Vehicle Registry

05 August 2019

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended a meeting this week with Government Representatives to discuss a potential privatisation of the Motor Vehicle Registry, a core function of Service SA centres.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss publicly available information as well as the scoping study the Government has undertaken into functions of the Motor Vehicle Registry.

The PSA used the meeting as an opportunity to highlight significant issues that arose through the recent Adelaide Remand Centre privatisation and the already high level of uncertainty members face in Service SA through the threat to privatise three centres.

While the scoping study was a requirement of the previous Land Titles Office privatisation, the PSA reiterated that the Government has options when it comes to making a decision which include NOT privatising. The PSA remains committed to no further privatisations.

It was confirmed in the meeting, that the Steering Committee for this project will provide the results of the scoping study to the Treasurer, which will then go to Cabinet who will make a decision before the end of 2019 as to whether or not to go down the privatisation path.

What is clear from the meeting is that Cabinet has not made a decision yet to privatise the Motor Vehicle Registry. This is important as this means members and the public have the opportunity to send a clear message to the Government that SA is Not for Sale.

The Government also reaffirmed that the Land Titles Privatisation Contract also provided for future privatisations of “other Government registries”. The Treasurer should come clean on what other registries he intends to privatise.

The PSA will be updating members about how they can participate in various activities to send this message to this Government.