A Message to PSA Members from the General Secretary and President

13 September 2018

The Public Service Association (PSA) has a proud history of standing up to the Government of the day and fighting for a well resourced world class public service for our members and the greater South Australian community. This was shown once again at the successful rally held at Parliament House on Monday.

As reported in the media there was an incident at the Adelaide Remand Centre prior to the rally. The members involved have acknowledged their actions were unacceptable.

We have spoken with the Corrections members involved in the incident at the Remand Centre on Monday. We have reaffirmed to them the PSA’s expectations of appropriate behaviour when we are exercising our rights to campaign about issues which affect us at work.

Adelaide Remand Centre members have asked us to apologise on their behalf to all PSA members for their actions on Monday prior to the rally. They have also apologised in person to the staff member concerned and to the Chief Executive of the Department for Correctional Services.

Inappropriate behaviour affects not only our members but also their families. All members are reminded about the impact of inappropriate comments on social media.

The Government is continuing on with its agenda to privatise, close and reduce services and jobs around the State. We must not be distracted from standing up for a well resourced public service, one the people of South Australia deserve.

We must continue to campaign in a respectful way, representative of our values. We will continue to campaign hard against the Government’s announcement to privatise the Adelaide Remand Centre; close seven TAFE campuses; close three Service SA offices; threaten our members in SA Pathology and SA Medical Imaging with privatisation if they cannot meet unknown benchmarks; as well as the continued and increased savings targets across the public service which will have a direct impact on the services provided to the community, and the members who provide those services.