60 Front-line FTE Missing - Campaign to Continue

07 March 2016

The PSA has identified more than 60 additional FTEs missing from the front-line of child protection and has sought an explanation from the Department of Education and Child Development (DECD). The PSA believes this is over and above the 120-plus vacancies already identified by DECD.

Your PSA worksite representatives will be meeting next week to assist in planning the next phase of the campaign. Please ensure every worksite has a representative attending this key planning session.

Late last week the PSA received a response from DECD, see copy here.

The DECD response to the missing FTE explains it is a result of DECD decision to unfund front line child protection positions. Even DECD have referenced their own workforce management and structure as 'evolved', and not a managed process.

The redesign process was concerning that members voices were not heard. More concerning is that the resulting structure has contributed to lack of case flow. High numbers of cases, closed with no action, means that tragedies in our community will only be a matter of time. This correspondence now confirms a further reduced state of front line staffing since redesign.

It is also up to PSA members to judge this response and consider the appropriate response to DECD. Also members must consider the progress on the DECD commitments including the development of workload measurement tools; reviews of solution based casework; recruitment processes; and conversion to ongoing employment.

The commitment to convert existing employees has not resulted in high numbers of conversion. The PSA is awaiting feedback on this, and also a review of any individuals who have made a request to HR. Members wanting to check on why they have not been converted should contact HR in the first instance, and then provide their response to the PSA if they require advice.

For further information or clarification please contact your PSA Worksite Representatives or the PSA.