World Social Work Day 2019 | The PSA Thanks our Social Work Members

19 March 2019

The theme for World Social Work Day 2019 is Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships.

World Social Work Day is celebrated on the third Tuesday of March each year.

The Public Service Association (PSA) has Social Worker members working in various roles in the public sector, such as inpatient health, community health, mental health, child protection, community corrections, prison health, education, and many more areas.

Our Social Worker members are highly skilled, providing essential services to the community, supporting social and emotional wellbeing, and advocating for all people.

The PSA values the critical role Social Workers play in our public sector.

The PSA is also actively working with Members of Parliament to ensure that the “Social Workers Registration Bill 2018” becomes legislation, which will benefit clients and recognise the professional status of Social Workers.

The PSA thanks all Social Worker members for the critical role they play in our community.