Update on Domiciliary Care and RDNS – PSA to Attend All Information Meetings

29 January 2018

RDNS will be taking up the provision of Dom Care currently being provided by the State Government by no later than 30 June this year.

The PSA has been working with the Department and most recently has met with the RDNS to ensure that members who choose to work with the new employer get the best possible deal, keep their current conditions, job security, and are still connected to employment options in the public sector.

In our meeting with the RDNS, we were assured of their commitment to ensure a smooth transition and that this would involve ensuring that all questions are answered and information provided.

All the information sessions coming up on 5,8, and 9 February will be attended by Lead Organiser from the PSA. At these meetings, contracts will be provided to all staff for you to look at and consider over the following 20 (or so) days. The PSA will be available at this time to provide information for members about the contract.

The Dom Care Transition Package
The package negotiated between the PSA, the Department and the RDNS is the best that has ever been developed in this circumstance of a government function going to a private organisation. It is embedded into the contract between the RDNS and the State Government and contains the following:

  •  All staff will be made an offer by the RDNS giving everyone a chance to make a decision and not have to apply for a job
  •  All the current conditions will continue and staff will be covered under the current public sector enterprise agreement for at least two years and the normal bargaining process will apply after this
  •  All previous service will be counted for entitlements e.g. long service leave
  •  Staff can apply for vacancies in the public sector for up to two years
  •  RDNS will contribute to the SSS scheme and you will continue to be able to be members of Super SA
  •  RDNS has growth and expansion plans which should provide great certainty beyond the two years guarantee of no forced redundancies
  •  Ongoing DCSI staff making the move to RDNS will receive a $15,000 payment which be taxed favourably for staff because it will be subject to special tax treatment.

If members wish to continue to work in Dom Care and continue to have a connection with their clients, then the PSA believes the best option is to move to the RDNS.

If members choose not to move, they will be supported to find work somewhere else in the public service, however they will not be able to continue to work in the area of Dom Care, as this work will no longer be performed by the State Government. This will mean a change to where you work and what work you do.

Do you have any questions?
A large number of questions have been answered through the FAQ provided by the Department. If there are further questions or issues you wish to have clarified before the meetings in early February, please send them to PSA and we will make sure they are included in the presentations or answered directly. Please send questions through by close of business Thursday 1 February 2018.

The PSA acknowledges that this is an uncertain time for members working in Dom Care. Please contact us if you have any other issues you wish to discuss.