Tafe SA Campus Closure Consultation Dispute Update

16 November 2018

The PSA and your Worksite Representatives (WSRs) met with the Interim Chief Executive (CE) and other TAFE SA industrial relations and human resource representatives on 8 November 2018 to discuss members’ concerns.

This discussion included specific issues around Parafield and Tea Tree Gully and the consultation process, including others proposed to close, and those campuses that are proposed to have programs relocated to them from closed campuses.

TAFE SA has forwarded a summary of this meeting which can be found here. Key points include:

  •  TAFE SA acknowledged staff working in Parafield and Tea Tree Gully campuses should have received information regarding the lack of reopening dates for their campuses that was provided in the TDay;
  •  A Campus Closure Consultative Committee has been established and the issues raised by the PSA were taken to the second meeting of that group that same afternoon;
  •  The Terms of Reference (TORs) and membership of that Committee would be forwarded to the PSA and to all TAFE SA staff so that staff knew who to contact if they had any queries/comments. In addition, after each fortnightly meeting a communique with a summary of the meeting will be sent to the PSA and to all TAFE SA staff.
  •  Information regarding the proposed relocation of programs from Parafield and Tea Tree Gully was provided.
  •  The PSA and your WSRs stated that discussions needed to commence immediately with staff at those campuses regarding the process of relocation, requirements at the "new" sites, and their own options in terms of changing sites. In addition, the PSA highlighted the unique situation with the Parafield Learning Resource Centre which is jointly funded by TAFE SA and private company Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) - and the need for discussions to occur urgently with the Librarian as well as with FTA.

This summary does not reflect all the concerns discussed and outcomes agreed to. The PSA followed up with an email on 13 November 2018 to the Interim CE and the Director Human Resources and Organisational Development (HR&OD). This email confirmed the following additional information:

  •  The PSA raised the issue that TTG was still advertised as a campus delivering services for Semester One 2019. In addition, members are receiving queries from potential new students about where courses may be delivered and have no clear information from TAFE SA to provide. The Interim CE advised in the meeting that a "script" would be provided to Information Services Officers and other staff likely to receive these queries. During the current PSA visits to campuses members have advised this had not been provided, therefore causing continuing confusion to the public and difficulties for staff. The PSA asked that this be actioned urgently.
  •  The PSA advised we had raised in previous TAFE SA/PSA Consultative Committee Meetings that members were aware, prior to the budget announcements, of "rumours" of Women's Programs and Foundation Skills moving from Port Adelaide campus, but no consultation had occurred with the PSA or our members. The PSA reported that the Director of HR&OD had previously advised he would provide more information to the PSA, but this had not been forthcoming. The PSA requested at the meeting that consultation occur with the PSA and members as a matter of urgency.

In relation to those matters, the Director HR&OD advised the PSA that he was following up internally and hoped to receive a response on 14 November 2018.

The PSA is yet to receive a response from TAFE SA. Until a satisfactory response has been provided the PSA continues to be in dispute with TAFESA in relation to these matters due to strong member concern.

The PSA is continuing to visit all metropolitan sites to discuss these issues and also the PSA campaign to stop the closures of the Urrbrae and Port Adelaide campuses. A video/teleconference for country TAFE campuses is also being arranged and details of this will be forwarded in a separate PSA Meeting Notice.

The PSA will keep members updated with developments. Please contact PSA with any further concerns or queries relating to this, or any other matter.