TAFE SA | Proposed Facilities and Procurement Services Review | PSA Update

29 May 2019

The Public Service Association (PSA) recently received a response from TAFE SA in relation to the feedback provided by the PSA on behalf of members about the proposed Facilities and Procurement Services (FAPS) review. This response was circulated to FAPS members by your PSA Worksite Representative for members’ comment.

PSA members advise of serious concerns with the response which did not address the large majority of PSA members’ concerns and feedback.

The PSA share our members’ concerns and emailed TAFE SA management outlining these outstanding matters, as well as new information that had been received by the PSA. A copy of this email can be found here.

The PSA asserted that appropriate consultation has not occurred, and as a result, implementation cannot occur at this point, as per Clause 34.1.4 of the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017. Further, the PSA requested TAFE SA’s urgent confirmation by 9:00am, Tuesday 28 May 2019, that implementation will not commence while these matters remain outstanding and consultation is still continuing.

TAFE SA’s Acting Director of Facilities, Procurement and Projects has provided that confirmation.

The PSA will forward the response from TAFE SA as soon as it is received, and will continue to work with members and your PSA WSR to ensure that TAFE SA uphold their obligations of genuine and good faith consultation.