SA Dental Service – Dental Therapists | Transition To AHP Stream Letter of Offer | Translation Process

03 April 2018

The Public Service Association (PSA) received a letter late on Thursday 29 March 2018 from the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment proposing the Translation Arrangements for the translation of Dental Therapists into the Allied Health Professional (AHP) Stream (here). The Dental Therapists translations are an outcome of the new South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement (Appendix 1 of Appendix 6A on page 119).

The PSA will be seeking further clarity on a number of matters within this offer and will keep members informed of the outcomes.

It also should be noted that:

  •  the PSA is still to view any draft qualification statement that will be required to be included in the variation to the Commissioner’s Determination Attachment 1 – Minimum Qualification Requirements for Non-Executives; and
  •  SA Dental Service is currently not willing to translate the 2.2fte (5 staff) Dental Hygienists even though the Bachelor of Oral Health is a dual qualification for both Therapists and Hygienists and also other relevant interstate qualifications.

PSA members need to be aware that to implement the agreed arrangements by the earliest date, namely first pay period on or after 30 April 2018, the PSA is required to write formally to the Commissioner by COB 13 April 2018. It is concerning that this has to be agreement in full, as the operative date for translation and payment is dependent on agreement.

PSA members who have any concerns or comments about the offer or any other issue in relation to this translation process can email PSA.

For any other issues concerning SADS please contact your PSA Organiser.