Department for Health and Wellbeing – PSCM Supply Chain Review – Phase 2 Restructure

31 August 2018

The Public Service Association (PSA) received formal correspondence (here) on 30 August 2018 from the Executive Director Procurement and Supply Chain Management. The letter reiterated that as a result of a review by KMPG, Procurement and Supply Chain management intended to develop a proposal to support the transition to a Direct to Imprest (DTI) Model for Supply Chain Operations.

The PSA was also advised that since the transition of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) to the DTI model there has been a significant change to workload responsibilities. This has prompted a review of the Supply Chain Leadership functions and the subsequent proposal to consolidate the warehouse and logistics operations to improve communications and standardisation (Phase 1),

PSCM now advise of the proposed restructure for Phase 2 of this process that is included in the above correspondence. It is of concern to the PSA that these restructures are being undertaken in different phases. Although the PSA is aware that consultation has occurred for Phase 1, the new structure has not as yet been implemented and should be delayed until the outcome of the Phase 2 consultation has been completed.

A two week consultation period has commenced for the proposed Phase 2 restructure for the Supply Chain Operations.

Feedback has now been extended to close on Friday 14 September 2018. The PSA welcomes any comments or concerns from members be directed to PSA by email.